I am a photographer based in Atlanta.   I love photographing animals, having photographed more than 550 dogs and 300 cats.  Most of these have been for the non-kill Shelter Paws Atlanta.  I am also a member of HeartsSpeak, an organization that is dedicated to using the arts such as photography to promote the adoption of animals.   This year I have also started photographing the cats that are at Javaacats Cafe, which is Atlanta's first cat cafe.  They are partners with Paws Atlanta and have adopted out over 200 cats in their first year open.

What I like most is the challenge of photographing animals.  One reason photographers have difficulties photographing animals is that they don't always do what you tell them to do (On the other hand, they never complain about a bad photo).  I like to capture the moments where the animals are just being themselves.  I will be patient with the animal until I get the photograph.


Photo by Beth Galvin      

Photo by Beth Galvin



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